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West Africa

Map of West Africa.

The idea behind Powerful Information was conceived in West Africa in 1989. We started stocking resource centres with state-of-the-art environmental literature in 1994, and ran our first NGO workshops (in Nigeria) in early 1998. Since then we have been involved in grassroots projects in neighbouring Benin, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Senegal.

The state of Africa has been described as ‘a scar on the conscience of the world’. The reasons are legion and include: bad land, bad climate (drought & floods) and bad government (corruption, cronyism & tribalism), coupled with (all too often) unregulated resource exploitation by large corporations; the shameless and sustained poaching of teachers, doctors and other essential service workers by richer countries; and badly conceived and executed aid projects. That said, the complexity of the situation on the ground and the difficulties of tackling poverty should never be used as an excuse for inaction.

Change is possible. And the way to ensure it will happen in an acceptable way is to empower local people with the knowledge, skills and resources to carry it out.