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Education for Women (Makeni)

Education for Women (EFW) is based in Makeni and working to establish educational activities for women in rural communities and provide skills-training and promote economic activities. Its Mission is to ‘enable women to have more control over their lives as wives, mothers and citizens and participate in nation-building’, and its Vision ‘a society where women are economically empowered and their rights respected, and women are involved in local decision-making on an equal basis with men’. The group was only set up in early 2009 but a number of its staff, facilitators and volunteers have been involved in adult education for some years.

EFW’s programmes are designed to promote better understanding of healthcare and HIV/AIDS; to promote women’s rights and campaign against domestic violence; and facilitate sustainable environmental management through advocacy, networking and research. It is running seven learning circles in and around Makeni which are providing literacy for some 340 women who missed out on school through war and extreme poverty. It is proud to have appointed a participant from an earlier learning programme as one of its facilitators, highlighting the programme’s ability to open up opportunities for women. And it is proud to have been asked to advise other organizations on how to run adult literacy programmes.

EFW has a Project Officer and seven part time facilitators, and a Board of six (including five women, one a local councillor). EFW's Project Officer, Francis Kanu, can be seen here talking with two of the facilitators, Margaret and Isatu, at a training workshop in Makeni.

Contact: Betty Sesay, Chair of Board, 1 Water Works Road, Makeni, Sierra Leone
Tel: (+232) 76 656503/077453942. Email: Francisvkanu@yahoo com