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Grassroots Education & Development for Women (Kabala)

Grassroots Education & Development for Women (GEDEW) is based in Kabala, in the north east of Sierra Leone. It was established in June 2007 with the aim of reducing the high illiteracy rate for women in Koinadugu and ensuring that women know and can exercise their basic rights. Its Mission is to provide the skills and opportunities to enable women to assert their rights and contribute to the development of their communities. It has a Vision of ‘a country where women have equal rights with men and equal representation in office’. The group is registered with the District Council and also the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs.

GEDEW currently has nine Learning Circles with paid facilitators in and around Kabala, some in quite remote villages, and there are a number of other circles in neighbouring villages that are pleading to join the group. These circles have set up communal plots to support their learning, which bears witness to the demand for education in the region, and to the good reputation of GEDEW’s work, but these efforts can't currently meet all of the costs of running a circle. GEDEW has also helped a number of learning circles set up accounts with the local Community Bank so that women can have more control over their money. The photo shows GEDEW's Director, Fatmata Sesay, asking one of the participants in Ismaia Village in Koinadugu to show the group's Bank Book.

GEDEW currently has a full time woman Director, a Board of six women, including Paramount Chief’s wife, and 7 paid facilitators.

Contact: Mrs Fatmata Sesay, Director, Grassroots Education & Development for Women, 12 Ismaia Road, Kabala

Mob: 076949036; Email: fatmata.sesay@yahoo.com