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Network of Rice Farming Associations (Hohoe)

The Network of Rice Farming Associations, NETRICE, was established in 2006 and has a membership of nearly 800, more than three quarters women. It is comprised of 21 member associations located mainly in the Volta Region, each with a membership of 10 to 55 persons, mainly farmers living in the rice farming districts of Kadjebi, Jasikan, Hohoe, Kpando, South Dayi and Nkwanta.

The Association includes a number of professionals, including 12 agriculturists, 10 educationists, a business advisor, nurses and some health workers, but the majority of the Association members are illiterate or semi-literate. The main objectives of the Association are:

  • to establish, coordinate and foster linkages between all rice farming organizations locally and internationally;
  • to research, develop and disseminate information on rice farming;
  • to find solutions to problems confronting rice farmers and to voice their concerns;
  • to assist rice farmers acquire necessary inputs and reduce the burden of women on the tiresome chores associated with rice farming;
  • to help women improve their family life devoid of socio-economic strife;
  • to assist government in formulating and implementing policies affecting rice farmers.

The Association is actively engaged in organizational activities in all 10 regions of Ghana, and is in regular contact with agriculturists, and top and mid-level government officials on issues affecting rice farmers. It assists members in acquiring essential inputs and invests in rice farming projects to generate income for organizational activities, and has organized a number of training workshops. NETRICE is also engaged in research and the development of red and upland rice seeds (especially planting & storage). Within the past year NETRICE has been able to provide micro financing for three unemployed women groups to start small-scale rice farming projects. It has also trained one spraying team to start educating members in the Hohoe District (the second highest rice producer district in the country) on the recommended use of agro chemicals.

Contact: Ammishaddai Owusu (Project Coordinator) 
Tel:         (233) 24 5929637
Email:     shadowusu2006@yahoo.com

              Lena Yedru (General Secretary)
Tel.         (233) 24 8809447
Email:     netofrice@yahoo.com
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 512, Hohoe, Volta Region. Ghana.