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United Kingdom

We are involved in Development Education in the UK, helping to improve public understanding of the nature and reality of poverty and exclusion in poor countries. In addition to making available material on this website -- we have a special section for NGOs, schools and colleges entitled Educational Resources -- we hold bi-monthly workshops for volunteers and supporters designed to provide an insight into grassroots development work.

We also encourage our volunteers to become directly involved in actual projects. In May 2011 we will be bringing six of our Sierra Leonean colleagues to the UK for a Global Community Link Project -- the photo shows one of our preparatory meetings held in March. Four of our visitors are from Vision for the Blind, and one is the Head of the Blind School in Panlap (Makeni). Amongst other things our volunteers will help us run activities with local schools and the public, and meet with specialists in inclusive education for blind and visually-impaired children.