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Too Much and Too Little

“This information movement, left to its own devices, will increase the gap between rich and poor people and rich and poor nations.”

Michael L. Dertouzos

It is one of the paradoxes of the ‘Information Age’ that whilst half the world is overwhelmed by information -- much of it inaccurate or partial -- the other half is deprived of basic education and essential information.

In many poor countries people are denied access to information by lack of education, or lack of training, or lack of facilities (computers, local libraries, resource centres and internet access points), or lack of resources, and in some cases by political censorship.

Furthermore, inability to read, write or count, and lack of access to accurate information and critical know-how, blights the lives of millions and condemns men, women and children to stress, hunger, hard physical labour -- and often, an early grave.

This also contributes to the spread of preventable disease and denies people their basic human rights.

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Cartoons by Dorsi Germann