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Alternative Development Policy

There must be better ways of helping people in real need in low-income countries than the current system of Development Aid, which is wasteful of resources and distracts NGOs from what they are set up to deliver.

We should like to see an alternative funding strategy investigated, one that recognises that effective development needs a longer term, more flexible approach. In a paper, (pdf, 181K) that we wrote in Jan 2009, we did not attempt to work out all of the details, only to outline the main ideas.

We prepared the paper for Andrew Mitchell MP*, then the Shadow Spokesman on International Development, who at the time asked NGOs to restrict their contributions to just two pages. This we did, but clearly, there’s a lot more we would have liked to have said.

The paper concentrates on funding for small development NGOs which work with local in-country partners. The photo is of a recent meeting of Powerful Information's Board.

* As of today (Feb 2012) Andrew Mitchell is the UK's Secretary of State for International Development.