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Powerful Information specialises in grassroots international development. Our approach is based on more than 20 years' experience working with disadvantaged communities, helping people tackle illiteracy, poverty and injustice and bring about real change in the community. We take great care to understand local needs and aspirations before getting involved; and we only work in countries where we have local partners. Over the years we have supported dozens of practical grassroots initiatives that have helped raise public awareness, build social capital, and safeguard the environment.

Recent Reports

Educating & Empowering Women in Sierra Leone

We have just produced our latest report on our longest-running project in Sierra Leone which is addressing two deep-seated problems: the low level of education and literacy amongst rural women which condemns many to live in poverty and ignorance and attitudes and practices that deny women their rights and threaten their health and safety. In the last year we have supported 21 learning circles and provided learning for 640 women farmers and petty traders. Improving understanding and literacy levels gives women greater control over their lives and can help women play a more prominent role in society. See entries in What's New?
Women from one our learning circles in Sierra Leone. Women

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We have also provided a two page flier (pdf, 347K) and a couple of wordclouds which neatly summarise our main interests and concerns.

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