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Women from one our learning circles in Sierra Leone. Women

Powerful Information is a British charity specialising in grassroots international development. Our approach is based on more than 20 years' experience working with disadvantaged communities, helping people tackle illiteracy, poverty and injustice and bring about real change in the community.

We take great care to understand local needs and aspirations before getting involved; and we only work in countries where we have local partners. Over the years we have supported dozens of practical grassroots initiatives that have helped raise public awareness, build social capital, and safeguard the environment.

In Sierra Leone we have provided non-formal basic education/functional literacy for over 3,000 women subsistence farmers and petty traders, and education and skills-training for 130 blind men and women, including start-up kits for many, and computer training for 35 blind professionals we developed a novel computer training programme for this work; and we have empowered 480 subsistence farmers in the Volta Region of Ghana with the knowledge and skills to use chemical sprays safely and increase crop yields and crop quality through sustainable agriculture.

Powerful Information has a small professional team supported by freelance consultants and volunteers, and operates in close partnership with civil society organisations here and abroad.

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