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Student volunteers who have been helping us collect information on what happens to used lead acid batteries in Albania. Together they have interviewed more than 500 drivers, garage owners, scrap-yard workers and Roma collectors in Tirana and Shkoder.

What people say about us

We asked some of our colleagues how they had found working with Powerful Information over the years and this is what they said:

  "Powerful Information has been so very supportive of our farmers, of the organisation as well as the Board of NETRICE. It has built our capacity. We are now able to do things that we were not able to do before, so we are so grateful to Powerful Information."

Ammish Owusu, Director of the Network of Rice Farming Associations, Hohoe, Volta Region, Ghana


"I have learnt many things over the years from our partnership with PI, not least how to prepare proposals and reports, and monitor and evaluate projects. Indeed, the dawn to dusk work with Mike during his monitoring visits has made me stronger and more productive myself. Powerful Information helped us get our first ever grant, some four years ago, and we haven’t looked back. The partnership has brought hope to hundreds of blind people in Sierra Leone and we pray it will continue."

Jonathan Conteh, Executive Director
Vision for the Blind Sierra Leone


“Your visits have had a huge impact on local public awareness of people’s impact on water quality in the village and the importance of proper management of waste. We like a lot, and it was extremely useful, the exchange programme we have done with other villages. We are very satisfied about the cooperation because Powerful Information is punctual and comes with very concrete demands - and you don’t make promises that you can’t fulfil.”

Ioana Racila, Mayor of Bestemac, Republic of Moldova


“The last six months at Powerful Information have been both an education, and a fantastic experience. Mike, Jill and Kirsty could not have been more welcoming in the beginning, nor provided more support as the internship progressed. I have been involved with a variety of projects, from fundraising research to external communications, and have been encouraged to develop and pursue my own areas of interest throughout. It has been a rare opportunity to see and contribute to the daily workings of such a unique organisation, and I have no doubt that this experience will prove invaluable in the future.”

Tim Bidey, former Intern, Powerful Information, Milton Keynes


“I am very pleased to recommend Powerful information… [the charity has] an ability to use resources in imaginative and constructive ways and link organisations on the ground. PI's UK costs are very modest, with much value added from the personal commitment of staff (drawing modest salaries) and the time of volunteers. [It’s] feedback is exemplary…I think PI is a first class NGO and I am happy to support them.”

Secretary to a private British Trust

Join us, help make the world a better place

We believe that our grassroots, consensual approach to development is one of the most effective ways of changing understanding, attitudes and behaviour and empowering local people and promoting active community involvement.

Our work is essentially project-funded: this keeps us on our toes and encourages thrift and creativity; and being small gives us operational flexibility, which is critically important in development work because things are constantly changing.

Will you join us and help others help themselves? You can become a supporter by signing up to a monthly standing order or making a one-off donation:

  • £25 can provide a Braille frame for a blind child in Sierra Leone; 
  • £50 can enable a woman who missed out on school to learn to read, write and count, or set up a seed bank and reduce food insecurity; and
  • £100 can support a training workshop on sustainable agriculture for subsistence farmers in Ghana.
  • As Mahatma Gandhi pointed out, it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness, the flame can light a thousand more. Help us light more candles and bring light and hope to others in need. Your contribution can change lives and make a real difference in the world. Thank you!

    Photos: 1) Student volunteers at the EDEN Centre in Tirana who helped us collect information on what happens to used lead acid batteries in Albania; 2) the Blind Women's Cooperative in Makeni (Sierra Leone) -- we have been supporting the Cooperative for the last two years through Vision for the Blind.