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Main Themes of Our Work

We currently have two programmes abroad and one in the United Kingdom. The programmes are:

1) Lifting People out of Poverty - our grassroots education and skills training programme in West Africa helps women and people with disabilities read, write and count and better support themselves and their families; we also support initiatives on sustainable agriculture for subsistence farmers; and

2) Facilitating Change in Rural Communities - our work with disadvantaged communities helps local people respond to the threats posed by globalisation, pollution and climate change. This is what is happening in the photo.

Up until 2014 we had a third programme, Preparing Students for Responsible Citizenship, where we worked in schools in Eastern Europe to help improve teaching and environmental education. click for more on this

In the UK we are involved in Development Education, through activities designed to improve public understanding of the nature and reality of poverty in low-income countries and the practicalities of providing help and assistance to those in need.

You can find out more about our Projects and Partners on this link.