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What PI Contributes to Partnerships

The contribution we make to partnerships includes:

  • resourcing finding the means to support joint projects in the community;
  • building strengthening the capacity of local organisations to access information/know-how and create opportunities for people living in poverty or excluded from community life by prejudice or disability;
  • reporting monitoring and evaluating progress and expenditure, reporting to supporters and accounting to funders;
  • promoting lobbying local stakeholders to sensitise them to key issues; and in the UK, providing an insight into the nature and causes of poverty and exclusion in low-income countries and the practical things that can be done to address them.
  • The photo shows one of our consultants, Ariadna, working with Endri (a colleague from the EDEN Centre in Tirana) running a joint workshop on environmental education for teachers at a primary school in Berat (Albania).