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Programmes and Projects

Powerful Information provides information, education and training, and supports grassroots initiatives that build social capital, promote social justice, and raise public awareness of important social and environmental issues. In this section you can find out more about our various programmes and about our methodology. And if you are inspired by what you read perhaps you will consider making a donation to help us do more. We rely on public support.

We are currently working primarily in West Africa, in Sierra Leone and Ghana. For many years we also worked in East-Central Europe, with a focus on community development and environmental education. However, we were forced to suspend this work in early 2014 because of the difficulty in raising project funding. click for more on this

Partnership is important

We donít work in countries without local partners, who are responsible for supervising and managing the work on the ground: they have local knowledge, speak the local languages, and know how to get things done. They also have the contacts in the villages, and are known and trusted by local people.

Our main contribution is drafting project proposals and raising the necessary resources; we also help with training and coaching, preparing appropriate information, guidelines and educational materials, making funders' interests and requirements known to local stakeholders and much more besides. We are primarily responsible for the budget, and for monitoring progress and reporting to donors; and we help with local strategic planning, capacity-building and fundraising. We think this combination of skills and experience is very effective when applied to running grassroots projects in low-income countries.

All of our partners are autonomous organisations: some have their own websites; others do not. This section provides brief profiles of the partners we are currently working with, as well as information about their main activities and concerns.

Inspirational People

We place great importance on visiting our projects regularly to understand the situation on the ground, meet with local stakeholders and benefactors, and make sure projects are on track. In Africa the stakeholders include paramount chiefs, village elders and local officials, extension officers, school principals, service providers and respected members of local communities. Bringing about social change is never easy: it takes very special individuals and commitment. We feel privileged to be working with so many multi-talented and highly inspirational people.