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Report Summaries: Environmental Education

Project B117: 'Mobilizing a New Generation of Informed and Environmentally Aware Citizens

This report describes our work with rural schools in North-East Romania and the South West of Moldova over the last year, where we trained and coached teachers, and worked with them and their students to develop and carry out a variety of small projects concerned with science and environment. Four schools chose to work on the pollution of air or water, and the others, monitoring the local environment, food additives, agricultural chemicals, composting, household waste disposal and the en-vironmental aspects of different professions. All of the projects were carried out by multi-disciplinary teams of teachers, and a number involved collaboration between teachers from different schools. Two of the projects were late starting and are ongoing this year.

The work as a whole was designed to build confidence, encourage initiative and improve the communication skills of students and teachers. We also wanted to strengthen links between schools, and between schools and the local community, and help raise public awareness of important environmental issues associated with the use of chemicals and the generation of waste. Schools also made contact with local service providers, environmental inspectors and officials from their local authority. Over 50 teachers took part, from 10 schools in the region, and over 550 children.

The project was designed and run by Prietenii Pamantului and Powerful Information and took one year to complete. The work was supported by a grant of $26,960 from The ENVIRON Foundation and involved significant contributions in kind by the participating schools, teachers and students and by volunteers with PP.

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