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Films & Videos About Our Work

We have prepared three short videos about various aspects of our work. These are available below. We also have a film about Vision for the Blind (Sierra Leone) and our partners' recent visit to the UK (June 2011). This is now available on our Facebook Page -- or just click on the photo (which shows our film producer, Chris Bradley, recording one of the many events that we organised -- this one at a local primary school in Milton Keynes).

Overview of Our Work

This video will give you an idea of how Powerful Information works and what we do in the field.

What Does Education Achieve?

The video starts with material shot during a monitoring visit to one of the learning circles that we support in Koinadugu, Sierra Leone. The village is Sengbe Bendugu.

Our thanks to the musicians of Sengbe Bendugu who welcomed us so warmly!

The Price of Food in Ghana

Our second video is of farming communities in Eastern Ghana who are using powerful pesticides to control pests and diseases. However, most are unaware of the risks. The material in this video was shot earlier this year during a visit to work with our colleagues in the Network of Rice & Vegetable Farmers (NETRICE).