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Volunteering Opportunities

We very much value the practical help that volunteers can provide -- not to mention their ideas, contacts, and experience. We see volunteering as an exchange: in return for volunteers giving up their time we can provide opportunities for people to:

  • get directly involved with grassroots projects in Africa or Eastern Europe and learn about environment and development -- and the challenges associated with bringing about social change;
  • acquire a range of new and highly transferable skills, for example in writing, computing or information management -- we are particularly interested in language, communication, and the use of small ‘homebuilt’ databases to store information and ideas;
  • find out about the organisation and management of small social profit organisations both here and in low-income countries.

The work we do is designed to complement local knowledge, nourish creative thinking, and build understanding, skills and confidence. It is interesting and demanding and highly varied. Very little is mundane or routine. We have an office in the City Discovery Centre in Milton Keynes, which makes for a very pleasant working environment. But we can also work with you over the internet, so where you live is not a problem for us.

The only qualification for volunteering is that you are interested in people and social justice, you are open to new ideas, and you are keen to ‘put something back’ into society. You may be a young person doing a gap year, or someone who is looking for a new challenge in life, perhaps wanting to get back into work after starting a family or retiring early; or you may be a highly skilled professional, working in business, local government or the non-profit sector, who would be able to help with advice and contacts, or willing to serve on our board as a trustee. We look forward to hearing from you!

There are other pages on our website where you can find more information about the work volunteers are doing, for example on Development Education, and the evening workshops we run, which are helping improve understanding of the nature and reality of poverty and exclusion in poor countries and a host of related issues.



The last six months at Powerful Information have been both an education, and a fantastic experience. Mike, Jill and Kirsty could not have been more welcoming in the beginning, nor provided more support as the internship progressed. I have been involved with a variety of projects, from fundraising research to external communications, and have been encouraged to develop and pursue my own areas of interest throughout. It has been a rare opportunity to see and contribute to the daily workings of such a unique organisation, and I have no doubt that this experience will prove invaluable in the future.”   

Tim Bidey, Intern
Powerful Information, Milton Keynes (Feb11)


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